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Birthdate:Mar 25
Location:United States of America

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297 truck, 2nd amendment, a good scotch, airplane!, al pacino, alcohol, alton brown, anita blake, anti-anti-bush, anti-federalism, antonio banderas, army of darkness, ayn rand, back to the future, backpacking, beer, being prepared, bell's oberon, blues, bombay sapphire martinis, books, boondock saints, bourbon, bruce campbell, camping, capitalism, cigars, coffee, cold beer, computers, conan o'brien, conservative, cooking, counter-strike, cyber punk, day of defeat, denver broncos, depeche mode, die warzau, dire straits, diy, drinking, driving, el mariachi, evil capitalists, family guy, fiction, firearms, firefighting, firefly, food, food network, free markets, freedom, gary oldman, glen morangie, good eats, gravity kills, guinness, guns, hiking, hunt for red october, individualism, industrial, iron chef, jimmy buffett, john d. macdonald, kmfdm, knives, limited government, live music, looney tunes, léon, macallan, machines of loving grace, medallia light, michael mann, monty python, more coffee, neal stephenson, new york, new york city, nine inch nails, objectivism, office space, pc gaming, people watching, pittsburgh steelers, political humor, preparedness, puerto rico, reading, reason, red wine, ren and stimpy, replacement killers, republica, roadtrips, robert a. heinlein, rum, san juan, sarcasm, science fiction, scotch, seafood, sean connery, second amendment, self defense, singletrack beer, sleeping, smg, springfield, springfield armory, stephen hunter, stevie ray vaughn, tax cuts, teotwawki, the beach, the big lebowski, the boondock saints, the princess bride, the simpsons, tim curry, tom clancy, tom petty, tom selleck, transformers, travis mcgee, truck ops, urbanite by design, vodka, volunteer firefighting, west view fire department, whisky, william gibson, wine, winter, xd45, xd9, zombie survival
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